We are a full-service digital agency providing data-driven marketing and technology solutions for the African market.


At Monospace, we create or complement your existing brand strategy, refreshing all aspects of your business, while connecting you directly with your customers’ needs and emotions in a competitive environment.


We combine brand stewardship with science and execution to deliver conversion-focused marketing solutions, leveraging on the latest cutting-edge digital marketing technologies.


Control your narrative and generate interest in your products and services with premium quality media content created for your owned platforms - your social media platforms and web pages.


Our seasoned developers and interface designers will work with your brand to provide powerful technology solutions that address your most complex brand, marketing and business objectives.

Gain awareness and conversions by knowing your customer better than ever

Consumer insight gotten from social media, websites, landing pages, interactions at brand activations, etc, all culminate to paint a more vivid picture of your audience than ever before.

With additional data points being created everyday, businesses are constantly presented with new opportunites to target their ideal customer more efficiently.

Customers expect a lot now, so the best businesses are constantly figuring out ways to anticipate customer intentions and meet these rising expectations.

Monospace will work with your brand to leverage on today's cutting-edge digital technologies to gain a deeper understanding of your customer’s non-linear, fast-paced journey by delivering relevant, personalized experiences through digital media.

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